miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

A place where nobody knows me


 I march to a place where nobody knows me. They say it’s made of wishes, that it’s a place where, if you listen carefully, you can hear the voices dreaming. But I need to share this with someone. I can’t go alone. Tell me, do you want to come? Then take your best outfit and let’s go, time is waiting for us.
Once there don’t hurry, the speed is not important, it’s better to go slowly. Enjoy every moment, every meeting, every breathing. Usual things become magic. Waves dancing naked to the cliffs. Mansions of silence. The smell of fresh coffee in the streets mixed with raindrops in the morning. Focus on all your senses. This is worth gold.
When you come back you will have the pleasure to lie, to say that you didn’t make that trip to that world of feelings, to deny its existence. They will ask you and you will answer always with a no.  You won’t be able to accept it, because, even though we go there just to take a look, a part of us will stay forever. Never forget that.

Just some photos of my trip

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